If You're Flying, Chances Are TECT Is on Board With You
Cost Effective New Technology Services

TECT's process-engineering concept: Work in parallel with customer needs and expectations. Leverage the TECT value stream. Use every available process to improve products and cost efficiencies. If it's not available, we'll help create it.


From Forge to Finish

TECT Power manufactures critical turbine engine components and assemblies for aviation, energy, and industrial applications. We feature robust technology, capabilities, and an integrated supply chain that make it a one-stop shop for our customers.


Think Days Not Weeks

TECT Aerospace manufactures high-precision, complex components and assemblies and specializes in global supply chain management, featuring TECT Hypervelocity¬ģ, a fully integrated manufacturing process producing high-speed aluminum monolithic parts capable of jig and jigless assembly.