How We're Efficient

Precision products. Competitive prices. Less hassle. Faster delivery. TECT thrives on integrating its supply chain to be a single-source solution for aerospace components and turbine engine components. We operate on the philosophy that a fully integrated supply chain allows us to manage everything from acquisition of raw materials to forging to machining and delivery of the final product. This process is at the core of everything we do and is the reason TECT delivers precision components with unmatched quality and speed.

Integrated Supply Chain

TECT manages all elements of the value chain so we can implement our forging design and manufacturing expertise to machine a part in an optimum manner, process the part quickly and deliver a quality finished product in the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable manner for our customers. By exploiting synergies and leveraging capabilities across the entire TECT portfolio, TECT integrates its supply chain to offer services including forging design and manufacture, material management, manufacturing and processing. That's how TECT eliminates unnecessary waste throughout the entire process and adds manufacturing velocity to our customers.

Single-source Solution

With some suppliers, there's continuous shipping from vendor to vendor with endless inspections in between. But with TECT, you get a completely integrated supply chain solution from a single source. TECT's integrated supply chain and vast capabilities make it a complete single-source solution for most aerospace and turbine engine components. We can do this because TECT has the capabilities to forge, machine, process, assemble and deliver a finished product, so you get more finished components and assemblies faster with less hassle. On most parts, that means issuing a single purchase order and getting a finished, ready-for-assembly part. That's the TECT difference.

And if we can't do something ourselves, we have the requisite supply chain and quality management to seamlessly integrate a third-party vendor into our operations. That's why we added an on-site Praxair cell to our Thomasville, Ga., facility to save time and money by coating parts in one location.