TECT developed its TECTnology® portfolio of branded services to revolutionize aerospace manufacturing. These unmatched capabilities bring precision and repeatability to our manufacturing processes that result in exceptional consistency. What's more, TECTnology produces parts that capture the designers' intent instead of merely meeting specifications. With TECTnology, TECT doesn't just produce parts – TECT produces superior parts.

TECT Aerospace

TECT Aerospace's proprietary Hypervelocity® process can manufacture complex, monolithic aluminum or titanium parts in mere days instead of weeks. It's a key piece of the TECTnology portfolio that further integrates the supply, manufacturing and delivery processes for TECT Aerospace's customers. Hypervelocity is much more than just incredible machinery. It's a fully integrated process that quite simply produces better parts.

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TECT Power

TECTnology is the driving force behind EcoThrust™, TECT Power's proprietary portfolio of manufacturing processes that is proven to make your engine more efficient. EcoThrust includes a wide array of unique capabilities that produce parts that actually approach meeting design intent. That means that they work more efficiently, just as they were designed. Turn your manufacturing over to TECT Power, and see how EcoThrust can turn up your engines' performance.

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