TECT Corp - From local to global. Big to small.
TECT manufactures all kinds of parts for customers in all parts of the world. See all of our locations and our large range of products, from the biggest aerostructures to precision-crafted critical rotating components.
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TECT Aerospace's Hypervelocity® is a fully integrated manufacturing process that produces high-speed aluminum milled parts that are capable of jigless assembly. Learn what this proprietary manufacturing process is all about. See Hypervelocity® and the rest of TECT Aerospace's Offerings. 
TECT Power forges and machines engine-ready components and assemblies. Check out the parts we make for power generation, steam turbine, marine propulsion, aerospace and other industrial applications.
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TECT New Business News

Find out how TECT innovation meets the demands of today's aerospace market while reducing costs.
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TECT Family of Businesses

See the structure of the TECT family of companies and learn how our business units unite as TECT.
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In-depth Technical Expertise

See the technical prowess and advanced processes that keep TECT on the cutting-edge.
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